Flex on Facebook

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Alex Notov, editor gave a quick talk on the value of using Adobe Flex for developing Facebook applications. Flex 2 is a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Alex gave over 20 different reasons for using Flex, but here are my top three from his presentation.

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Graphics easier to create/manipulate, no need for DOM based GUI manipulation
  • Build once, deploy to many. (blogs, widgets, Bebo, Myspace.)

Is learning Flex easy? Alex says YES, if you know object oriented programming languages like Java and C++. You can get started with the Flex Builder IDE that makes development easy.

Alex demo’ed two Facebook applications using Flex:

OneClick Pay – “OneClick Pay lets you perform secure payments online — for free.”

Home Builder (not released yet) – Users drag and drop furniture into a room.

Thanks to Adobe for giving away 2 copies of Flex Builder 3 Pro to the attendees.