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Around 12:30PM today, people in the room stopped working to share some thoughts and tips:

  • Virality first, usefulness second: When one group showed Siqi their first idea, Siqi suggested virality should be the focus and usefulness second. So the group moved on to another idea. If the app is useful to the user, great! But the app does not encourage the user invite others, its not going anywhere.

  • A or B?: How do you know if your changes are improving your application, user experience, virality, etc? Build functionality to allow one set of users to see/experience A, while another set see B. For example, show invitation A that says, “Please add this application” and show invitation B that says, “I would like you to add this application.” Measure what works, what doesn’t. And keep testing.
  • Seamless Experience: Users are more likely to be comfortable using your application if your UI looks integrated with the Facebook’s colors, fonts, etc.

  • What’s your name again?: Does your application have a name that’s hard to remember? The group building an app called “Social Match” got this advice from Siqi and changed their app name to Matchtastic.

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So a lot of work was done last weekend, and 11 applications were launched and demoed to a live audience. Many developers built their very first Facebook application and launched it on a super compressed schedule.

Many of us are still recovering from the intense weekend, and that explains why our blog didn’t update quickly to describe the events of Sunday. We apologize for that. In the next few days we’ll upload a lot of videos and we’ll describe the applications that launched and the lessons we learned.

So the weekend is over, but work on our applications isn’t. Now that we have applications online, it’s time to tweak and update and add features. We’ll try to schedule follow up meetings to exchange experiences, and to strengthen our network. We’ll also work on enhancing our ad-exchange program to benefit all teams. Keep checking this blog in the next few days for more updates and to watch the weekend videos.

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We just got confirmation that MySpace has offered to put one of the apps that launch in the weekend on their Editor’s Pick on 50% basis for 2 weeks. Pending, of course, that it’s actually a good app that they like. So, here you go, your chance to win huge promotion. Seriously, this is big, and would easily get you a gazzilion users.

And more good news. MySpace has confirmed that they’ll have someone review and approve apps on Sunday so you don’t have to wait for the lengthly approval process. If you finish your app by Sunday, you can get it approved and live the same day. Wow.

Kristen interviewed the developers of Deface A Baby, an application where you can draw on baby photos and share them. Here’s the link to the video.

And, as you know, we have a ton of other prizes as well.

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Yes, that’s right: 11 Facebook Applications were demoed to a big audience on Sunday night, and it was a great evening. Some teams came on Friday with an idea and a partly written app, and others came without any expectations, met others in the weekend, chose an idea and fully implemented it and launched it in 36 hours (well, some teams worked way beyond midnight, and so they got more than 36 hours).


Overall, there was a lot of excitement, and also stress to meet the deadline. But it was fun. Here is a list of the applications that launched this weekend:

  • Matchtastic:
    Dating and rating to find friends and meet new people
    ASPECTS shows the world the different aspects of your life, your skills and your interests. Flaunt it now!
  • PikiPages:
    Create your own free form page. Drag and drop your pictures, mp3, videos, etc. Share your pages with your friends or the entire world, event outside facebook.
  • Send me an artist:
    Send an artist to your friends and let him draw you a picture in 4 days.
  • HitchHikers:
    Hitchhiker takes you in a journey of a lifetime. Reach a destination anywhere in the world by hitchhiking with your friends. Meet new people and hook up with interesting folks along the way. Track the progress of your hitchhiking adventure and those of the folks you’ve helped.
  • Deface a baby:
    App for fun to deface a baby, in any way you want, and share it with your facebook friends!
  • Spring Break:
    Go on virtual tours and meet new people.
  • Blogs I Read:
    Display our favorite blogs on your profile, connect with bloggers, and discover new blogs.
  • OH Snap!:
    Choose your best pictures and display them on your profile
  • Peace Quiz:
    The purpose of Peace Quiz is to show you what would happen if we had world peace. The Quiz will show you some statements of what peace would lead to in and you get to guess whether or not the real affect would be higher or lower than our calculations.
  • Ad Exchange:An app to exchange ads among all the apps released in the weekend to cross-promote each other.

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Alex Notov, editor gave a quick talk on the value of using Adobe Flex for developing Facebook applications. Flex 2 is a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs).

Alex gave over 20 different reasons for using Flex, but here are my top three from his presentation.

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Graphics easier to create/manipulate, no need for DOM based GUI manipulation
  • Build once, deploy to many. (blogs, widgets, Bebo, Myspace.)

Is learning Flex easy? Alex says YES, if you know object oriented programming languages like Java and C++. You can get started with the Flex Builder IDE that makes development easy.

Alex demo’ed two Facebook applications using Flex:

OneClick Pay – “OneClick Pay lets you perform secure payments online — for free.”

Home Builder (not released yet) – Users drag and drop furniture into a room.

Thanks to Adobe for giving away 2 copies of Flex Builder 3 Pro to the attendees.